Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beginning of the Second Life for Eduardo?

After just two years, Birmingham will host Arsenal in a very important match of the premier league. This is an important match for Eduardo because in 2008, against this club, he broke his leg after a very nasty tackle by Martin Taylor. Eduardo was at his best form that time and then he lost many months from this injury. He came back a few months ago but could not get his old form. Now, he is going back to the same venue for the first time.
Footballers are professionals but I don’t think that it will be tough for Eduardo emotionally to come back to this nightmare place and again play. I just hope that the referees give some more support to players like Eduardo. FA officials also should be tough because tackling is all right but breaking legs is not acceptable.
Today, Birmingham coach has the same mentality to play physical game. I just hope that no new player suffer for the Gunners. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Return of top players against West Ham

The return of Fabregas, Rosicky and Song will make Arsenal team much stronger in the match against West Ham. The Gunners were missing these three players a lot and in particular Fabregas. In this season, Alex Song has also proved to be a strong player and he is helping the club a lot. Song’s presence is always felt and he is becoming a matured player.
The come back for Rosicky from a long time injury was not easy but now he is becoming settled. Before injury happened, Rosicky became a very influential midfield player. He is getting back his old forms slowly. I think that if he can continue improving this way then next season he will become an important player.
There is hardly anything write about Fabregas because at such a young age he has become the best player of the club. Fabregas is always improving and he is now surely one of the top three influential players in English Premier League. He can be easily counted in the level of Wayne Rooney and Drogba. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A good performance is Needed against West Ham this Saturday

Arsenal is playing against West Ham on 20 March 2010. It will be a home match and Arsenal is expected to win the match. This season, West Ham is in bad condition and with from 29 matches they could only get 27 points. On the other hand, from 30 matches, Arsenal has scored 64 points. If Arsenal can win this match and can win by four or more goals then they would go to the top of the table for that day because Manchester United will play in the next day against Liverpool. Chelsea will also play on 21st March.
I am just hoping that Cesc Fabregas will play in the match and if he can play then it will be very good. Arsenal have to just try for another few weeks before then Robin van Persie can come back. If Robin van Persie and Fabregas can play together again then you can expect many things from them. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chelsea Exit for CL: Good for the Gunners?

Many Arsenal supporters are now perhaps very happy that Chelsea got out from Champions League last night. So, Arsenal will advance in the quarterfinal and will perhaps meet one of the non English opponents. Liverpool is also out in this season Champions League club competition and the other English club that is still in that race is Manchester United.

Arsenal lost both home and away in Premier League this season to Chelsea and that is why there was some fear that in a quarterfinal if they meet Chelsea then it will be difficult for them to win. Now, I think that Arsenal supporters will hope that their club does not meet Manchester United and Barcelona in the quarterfinal.

The draw is very soon and Arsenal supporters praying now hard. Good news is that Fabregas is going to be back very soon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Arsenal Defeat Hull City by 2-1

It is a very important win for the Gunners. For much of the time, they looked very unlucky but in the end, fortune indeed favored the brave. There was no Fabregas and they looked some weak and out of touch without him in this away match against Hull City. Hull players did all the hard work but in the end, they were unlucky. At half time, score was 1-1. Arshavin scored the first goal in the 14th minute. Bullard leveled the score in 28 minutes from a penalty. In the dying moments of the match, Bendtner scored the match winning goal in 90+3 minutes.
With this win, the Gunners are now in the second position in the point table with 64 points from 30 matches. 

Hull City vs Arsenal Live Updates: 13 March 2010

Hull City (1) --------- Arsenal (2)
96 minutes: The match finsihed andf Arsenal won by 2-1
92 minutes: Arsenal has scored a goal and leading by 2-1
82 minutes: Time is running out
73 minutes: Still 1-1
65 minutes: Walcot has come
60 minutes: Both teams are looking for a goal
55 minutes: Still score is 1-1
46 minutes: Second half started. Hull on attack
Half Time: Come back within a short time for second half action
45 minuts: Hull City lost a player becuase of red card.
43 minutes: Arsenal is playing better
39 minutes: dawson of Hull shown yellow card
35 minutes: Score is still 1-1
28 minutues: Hull got a penalty and scored
25 minutes: Freekick for Hill
20 minutes: Arsenal missed a good chance
14 minute: Arshevin scored a goal for Arsenal
6 minute: Arsenal got a freekick
2 minutes: Arsenal in attack now
The match is going to start now.
The match will start within a few minutes. Be with us for live updates. 

Hull City midfielder Jimmy Bullard is back and ready for a fight with Arsenal

The upcoming match between Hull City and Arsenal is an important one for the Hull city for they are facing the prospect of relegation. A win in this game would help them. The good news for Hull City is that its midfielder, Jimmy Bullard, returned from his knee injury. His good humor and easy going nature would help to lighten up the player as they are under intense pressure and tension is running high. Many believe that Jimmy Bullard had not fully recovered from his injuries. In March 2008, after scoring a goal for Fulham he was bedridden for most of the season due to injury. In January 2009, Bullard signed a contract with Hull City for £5m. Till now, he only made seven game appearance. Still, he is hopeful about winning. He said:

"It's a massive buzz to be honest,..I don't feel the pressure, I really don't, not one bit. I'd play the same game if we were fifth in the table. There will be players who feel it but I play better when I'm not uptight. I just want to get my pads and boots on and get out there.

The match between Hull City and Arsenal would take place in KC Stadium, located in Hull. This is a lucky ground for Hull City because this season, 83% of their points came from this ground. Arsenal may be in far better position than Hull City but this match would not be so easy for them. Hull City would have the advantage for the match is taking place in their home city.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to Arsenal Updates

It is our second attempt to do something exclusively for Arsenal. We took the first attempt on 10 July 2008 and it was a failure. So, it is perhaps not shocking for you to wonder about the reason of opening a new blog about this London based football club. Actually, the same thought occurred to me too.
I will be very honest with you about it. What happened was that in 2008, we dreamt of earning money from the Arsenal blog and we wanted instant success. I know a lot about blogging, SEO and getting traffic but now I know after four years of blogging is that you must not expect overnight result. Fortunately, we have some other blogs that are doing quite well in terms of money and traffic. So, this time, we are not worried about any of these two and we just want to build a nice blog on Arsenal. We want the fans enjoy maximum and rely on us for the best coverage on Arsenal football club. This is our dream and this is our mission statement. It is not easy because all the Arsenal blogs have the same dream and some of them are quite old and well established. They have the backing of some companies with decent amount of money.
The performance of Arsenal’s young players this season has convinced us that we can do it if we have strong passion. We believe that we have this passion. We admire two things of the club a lot now. The first one is Wenger’s philosophy of grooming young talents and turning them into world class players. The second thing that we admire is the artistic playing style of the players.
So, if you are an Arsenal fan then this can be a good place for you to hang out and spend some time. We will try our best to attract you. We have no money to spend on promoting this blog. Even we live in a country (Bangladesh) in which now football is no longer the most favorite sports. There are not many Arsenal supporters in this country either. Still, we have the passion and we like to dedicate ourselves.