Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arsenal fans have to Support Almunia for 4 Months At Least

The transfer window is over and many fans are surely unhappy over Arsene Wenger’s failure to get a good goalkeeper. It seems that the main reason for the failure was that he was too much focused on getting  Mark Schwarzer and Fulham did not sell him. It was simply like the case of Cesc Fabregas.
Barcelona wanted to get Fabregas and Arsenal was not ready to sell him as Fabregas was the best player. Anyway, Wenger should have targeted another 2-3 good goalkeepers and try to get one with good amount of money.
Now, Arsenal fans have to support Almunia. Criticizing him will not improve anything but make things much worse. In fact, Almunia is not eager to stay in the club either. So, both the fans, Wenger and Almunia have to wait another 4 years.