Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beginning of the Second Life for Eduardo?

After just two years, Birmingham will host Arsenal in a very important match of the premier league. This is an important match for Eduardo because in 2008, against this club, he broke his leg after a very nasty tackle by Martin Taylor. Eduardo was at his best form that time and then he lost many months from this injury. He came back a few months ago but could not get his old form. Now, he is going back to the same venue for the first time.
Footballers are professionals but I don’t think that it will be tough for Eduardo emotionally to come back to this nightmare place and again play. I just hope that the referees give some more support to players like Eduardo. FA officials also should be tough because tackling is all right but breaking legs is not acceptable.
Today, Birmingham coach has the same mentality to play physical game. I just hope that no new player suffer for the Gunners. 

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