Thursday, March 18, 2010

A good performance is Needed against West Ham this Saturday

Arsenal is playing against West Ham on 20 March 2010. It will be a home match and Arsenal is expected to win the match. This season, West Ham is in bad condition and with from 29 matches they could only get 27 points. On the other hand, from 30 matches, Arsenal has scored 64 points. If Arsenal can win this match and can win by four or more goals then they would go to the top of the table for that day because Manchester United will play in the next day against Liverpool. Chelsea will also play on 21st March.
I am just hoping that Cesc Fabregas will play in the match and if he can play then it will be very good. Arsenal have to just try for another few weeks before then Robin van Persie can come back. If Robin van Persie and Fabregas can play together again then you can expect many things from them. 

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