Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to Arsenal Updates

It is our second attempt to do something exclusively for Arsenal. We took the first attempt on 10 July 2008 and it was a failure. So, it is perhaps not shocking for you to wonder about the reason of opening a new blog about this London based football club. Actually, the same thought occurred to me too.
I will be very honest with you about it. What happened was that in 2008, we dreamt of earning money from the Arsenal blog and we wanted instant success. I know a lot about blogging, SEO and getting traffic but now I know after four years of blogging is that you must not expect overnight result. Fortunately, we have some other blogs that are doing quite well in terms of money and traffic. So, this time, we are not worried about any of these two and we just want to build a nice blog on Arsenal. We want the fans enjoy maximum and rely on us for the best coverage on Arsenal football club. This is our dream and this is our mission statement. It is not easy because all the Arsenal blogs have the same dream and some of them are quite old and well established. They have the backing of some companies with decent amount of money.
The performance of Arsenal’s young players this season has convinced us that we can do it if we have strong passion. We believe that we have this passion. We admire two things of the club a lot now. The first one is Wenger’s philosophy of grooming young talents and turning them into world class players. The second thing that we admire is the artistic playing style of the players.
So, if you are an Arsenal fan then this can be a good place for you to hang out and spend some time. We will try our best to attract you. We have no money to spend on promoting this blog. Even we live in a country (Bangladesh) in which now football is no longer the most favorite sports. There are not many Arsenal supporters in this country either. Still, we have the passion and we like to dedicate ourselves. 

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