Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hull City midfielder Jimmy Bullard is back and ready for a fight with Arsenal

The upcoming match between Hull City and Arsenal is an important one for the Hull city for they are facing the prospect of relegation. A win in this game would help them. The good news for Hull City is that its midfielder, Jimmy Bullard, returned from his knee injury. His good humor and easy going nature would help to lighten up the player as they are under intense pressure and tension is running high. Many believe that Jimmy Bullard had not fully recovered from his injuries. In March 2008, after scoring a goal for Fulham he was bedridden for most of the season due to injury. In January 2009, Bullard signed a contract with Hull City for £5m. Till now, he only made seven game appearance. Still, he is hopeful about winning. He said:

"It's a massive buzz to be honest,..I don't feel the pressure, I really don't, not one bit. I'd play the same game if we were fifth in the table. There will be players who feel it but I play better when I'm not uptight. I just want to get my pads and boots on and get out there.

The match between Hull City and Arsenal would take place in KC Stadium, located in Hull. This is a lucky ground for Hull City because this season, 83% of their points came from this ground. Arsenal may be in far better position than Hull City but this match would not be so easy for them. Hull City would have the advantage for the match is taking place in their home city.

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