Saturday, April 3, 2010

Arsenal Updates has now PageRank 3

Right now, Arsenal is playing against Wolverhampton. 24 minutes have gone and the score is 0-0. Our players are playing well. Remember that today, they are without Fabregas and some other important players. Anyway, there is one good news for this blog. It has got Google Page Rank of 3. I started the blog on 12 March 2010. So, it just took 20 days. I like to thank Google for it. I can also find that some people have subscribed to this blog. So, I must update more often from now.
To be honest with you, my own condition has been like Arsenal for the last 8 months. I have been suffering from bad health (injury!) and two of the other bloggers with me have been out of action for quite a long time. Now, I am almost back to normal and I hope that the next season will be good for my blogs. 

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