Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now the only Target is EPL this season

In a way I am happy that we lost to Barcelona last night. However, it was not totally a one sided match. In face, Arsenal took the lead and scored the first goal with Bendtner. Then it was Messi who scored four goals and in the end the result was 4-1. I am very happy for this result because frankly Arsenal does not have the players now to play into competitions. In stead, I am happy that that now they can totally focus on English Premier League and they have good chance to either win the trophy or at least become the runners up. Now, they have to try to win every match and if they can win every match from now on then they will surely win the trophy.
I just hope that Van Persie can return any day and his return will be crucial. Last night Arsenal did not play that bad but they needed a quality striker. Bendtner is not a quality striker. 

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