Saturday, April 17, 2010

Will Cesc Fàbregas PFA Player of the Season?

If you are an Arsenal fan then you will be happy sooner that Cesc Fàbregas has been short listed as PFA player of the year. He is among the four players and the other three are Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba and Carlos Tevez. You can easily understand that this is a very important list and there is good possibility that Cesc Fàbregas can become the top player this season. He has scored 15 goals and has carried out 15 assists and although he is a midfield player, he is the top goal scorer for Arsenal this season.
Arsenal suffered a lot of injuries through out the season and as a result Cesc Fàbregas had to carry out a lot of burden with himself in his shoulder. So, he had to play in many matches and a lot depended on his performance. He could influence the other and he could play very well in mid field. 

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