Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wenger Must be in Arsenal

I really hate the so called football pundits or experts because they pretend that Arsène Wenger is acting stupidly. They forget that he is the best doing in English football today. The simple fact is that Arsenal made the stadium called the Emirates and they suffered huge burden. The result was that they become financially strong and the stadium could have twenty thousands more supporters. So, it was a very tough time and fortunately Wenger guided the club very well and the club could reach in good position in Champions League and was also among the top four finisher for the last five seasons. This time, they came very close to winning the title of Premier League but unfortunately a number of injuries destroyed their possibility.

Arsenal is still in the title race but I am not hopeful. Anyway, look at the Liverpool. They did very well in Europe in the last few seasons but now this time they crashed out of Europe very early in the league table they are in very bad shape. It is now clear that Liverpool will not qualify for UEFA Champions League next season. The main problem for Liverpool is that they are suffering from financial burden. They did not have a smart coach like Wenger and that is why they are suffering. 

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