Monday, May 3, 2010

Andrey Arshavin would Join Barcelona in Summer 2010

Andrey Arshavin has at last blasted the bomb as he has claimed that he is going to join Barcelona this summer. He has further added that his Gunners team mage Gael Clichy would also follow him to Nou Camp.

Arshavin recently said that he would like to join Barcelona and even playing a season for the Catalans would be the peak of his career. Arsene Wenger then said that the Russian is not the kind of player who would kiss the club badge on his jersey and also warned him not to talk in front of media in this manner. Arshavin then commented that he was not an “Arsenal patriot.”

Well, Arshavin’s recent declaration of joining Barcelona has been the subsequent development of what was going on over the last one week. Now, it seems that the player has already agreed a secret deal with Barcelona and Clichy has also gone far.

Imscoutingd reported:

Arshavin told The People: "I am going to Barcelona in the summer. I have always dreamed about going to Spain and playing for the best team in the world. They were unsure about me when I was playing in Russia but I have shown them that I'm the real deal and I know they are ready to talk to me."

The Arsenal forward added: "I want to play for the top team and be trying to win every competition, I don't think you can rate one better than the other, it is all about winning. I want to play for them and that is never going to change."

The Russian international has also added that he want to compete with Xavi and Iniesta for a place in the Barcelona first eleven. Well, I do not see any problem in his wish to play for Barcelona, but the thing is that a professional player like him should not have declared the news in this manner when the league is not yet finished. He is still an Arsenal player and naturally question arises regarding his commitment for the club.

He could have revealed it after the end of the season. No doubt, Arsenal could not win anything in the recent past, but at Arsenal he has always been an automatic choice for the first eleven and got the media attention all the time. Now, he wants to compete with Xavi and Iniesta and there is nothing wrong in it. However, the midfielder should remember that he is already 28 now and he may not be able to play his best football for a long time.

At Barcelona, Arshavin may win many titles, but I doubt how much contribution he could make to those successes.

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