Wednesday, May 5, 2010

William Gallas Seeing His Future Somewhere Else

Arsenal defender William Gallas now seems to have started seeing his future somewhere else. The 32-year-old veteran has not signed a new deal with Arsenal yet, though his current contract expires on May 30. The French international has hinted that he had a disagreement with the club while discussing about his contract extension.

Moreover, a number of clubs are keen to acquire his service. Paris Saint Germain is reportedly interested to hand him a two-year deal, while Serie A clubs like AS Roma, Juventus, and AC Milan are looking to sign him. The main thing is that he will be a free agent this Summer and it would definitely earn him an advantage in the transfer market because clubs would not have to pay any one-off transfer fee to sign him.

Well, William Gallas may get a better salary at somewhere else, but he should know that he is already 32 and at this age he can not get the assurance of playing regularly at the clubs like Juventus and Milan. However, at Arsenal, his advantage is that the club does not have too many experienced players so he is always an automatic choice for the centre back position.

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