Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wenger Keeps Faith on Eduardo

Croatian striker Eduardo has been struggling for form since returning in action following a long-term recovery from a horrendous injury sustained while playing at Birmingham City in February 2008. However, manager Arsene Wenger has extended his contract, and thus, keeping his faith on the young striker who scored only 6 goals from 31 games this season.

Arsene Wenger believes that Eduardo would come back with his best form very soon. He said:

"He is 27 years old, and wants to play, but we extended his contract because we believe in him.

"In the last month, he looked sharp to me in training.

"He was a bit disturbed [by the injury], but I think next season should be better for him."

Eduardo was enjoying his best season in 2008 just before suffering that injury. He took around one year to get over the injury. Naturally, the player may have lack of confidence. So, he now needs the motivation from the people around him. At this crucial time of his career, nothing could have been a better motivation than a contract extension from Arsene Wenger.

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